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Student-Led Play Wins Prizes

Eighth grader, Giovanna Basso, wrote the play Entre o Céu e a Terra (Between Heaven and Earth) by herself and, together with a group of Middle School students, submitted it to a contest called FESTA - Student Festival for Amature Drama.

Entre o Céu e a Terra was led entirely by Middle School students, with Amanda Kuppens (Grade 12) doing makeup and Nicole Rodopoulos (Grade 11) responsible for costumes.The whole process, from writing the play to taking part in the Festival, came from students. Drama teacher, Ms. Karina Cury, worked as director with support for scenery, sound and production coming from our music, dance, arts and after school teachers.

Students presented the play on Friday, October 9, and were present at the Prize Ceremony on October 11. They won awards for Best Script and Best Makeup! Our students never cease to amaze us! We congratulate Giovanna Basso for her writing and leadership, Amanda Kuppens for her great makeup skills, and the entire cast and backstage crew!

Synopsis: If the Earth is a mess, imagine heaven! Every day, the Reincarnation team analyzes, one by one, all the souls who want to return to Earth to have a new chance to evolve. But what happens when one of the Reincarnation team - the Clerk - falls in love with Lucas, an unwanted copy? Upon arriving on Earth, Lucas finds several obstacles that affect not only him but everyone around him. Come and have fun with this group.

Text: Giovanna Basso

Cast: Beatriz Estrela, Eduardo Mosca, Elis Freire, Enzo Watanabe, Giovanna Basso, Helena Paixão, Igor Fontes, João Pedro Tognolo, Leonardo Bandos, Miguel Lagos, Murad Sultanov, Sofia Kosinski, Tiffany MBeng, Tomás Lopes, Victor Carlos Velloso and Vittoria Oliveira.

Direction: Karina Cury

Settings: The group, supported by Diana Bracarense

Sounds: Jânsiley Carvalho and Diego Considera

Make-up: Amanda Kuppens

Costumes: Nicole Rodopoulos

Choreography: Juliana

Production: Ludmila Luttembarck Freitas

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