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Volunteer Day + McDia Feliz

What a memorable morning August 29 was! Students in grades 9 through 11 along with staff devoted their time to putting into practice Volunteer Day. Some students went to McDonald's to help promote McDia Feliz to help raise money for children with cancer while others organized a morning of fun activities at Escola Classe São Bartolomeu, in São Sebastião.

All profits from Big Mac sales were donated to the Ronald McDonald Institute for cancer treatment. Students sold ninety-five vouchers, raising R$ 1.282,50.

Bernardo Zatz, Grade 10 student, said that his experience during the McDia Feliz was important for his development both ethically and academically. "I felt that I was doing something right, for a good cause, that would impact the lives of many children and adolescents with cancer. I felt that my job was very helpful. People from different ages were working, what made the event an amazing different experience.

The community of São Bartolomeu reflects Brazilian culture well - friendly, warm, authentic, and colorful. Students used their talents to engage in fun activities such as balloon-shaping art, face painting, and garden planting, and to share Bahá'í music, a message as well as snacks, which parents donated! We invited 30 members of the São Bartolomeu community to attend this year's Nations' Festival, and one of the classes will present at our School's Anniversary celebration.

Cristiane, Vice Principal of Escola Classe São Bartolomeu, told us how much the children appreciated the day. "Saturday's activities were all students could talk about the following Monday."

Congratulations to our Moral Education team (Neryângela, Raquel, Leandro, Ilana, Marc, Mary and Camila) who really shined in their organization of this event. It engendered friendly relations among all.

School of the Nations is all about community service – there is no way to educate citizens of the world if not by treating our community in the best possible way. We are proud to say that Moral Education and Global Citizenship are part of our regular curriculum and students often engage in volunteer work, outdoor education and community service.

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