Join us in our journey through distance learning. Here you will find photos, videos, testimonials, and more from our school community. #NationsConnected

What is your number one tip for distance learning?


Rafael lima, grade 12

What we must do during this complicated time is to stay focused, because even though we can't go to School, classes continue. Take some time out to study and keep your duties up to date.

Maria fernanda, grade 1

Miguel Lagos, Grade 12

Which book do you recommend to your friends?

The Giving Tree

by Shel Silverstein

Henrique Madeira, Pre-K

O Meu Pé de Laranja Lima

By José Mauro de Vasconcelos

Tatiany Carvalho, Librarian

Meu Livro da Consciência

By Tadashi Kadomoto

Bárbara Vidal, Librarian

A Casa na Árvore

By Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Felipe Mendes, Grade 2

I recommend the "Harry Potter" book series! It takes you to a magical place! It can teach you to be strong too. Harry and and his friends go on great adventures with fantastic creatures, potions and magic. If you want to get out and experience a magical world from the comfort of your own home, this is the book for you!

The book I recommend is “The Fault In Our Stars”, by John Green. It’s a beautiful love story between two young teenagers who fall in love. Its a roller coaster of emotions with a plot twist that changes both their lives forever.

Alba Pérez, Grade 12

Alexandra dos Reis, grade 12



Who is your best friend at Nations?


Which country did you most like to represent at Nations Festival?

Vanessa Rizzone, 


Lara Sanches, Grade 2

Olívia Barros, Grade 2

Luana Kalil, Alumni

I loved to represent New Zealand! It was a very unique experience and everything about it was very interesting, from class decorations to creative learning material! There was so much to learn and we had various activities relating to it! The dance was the coolest part since we did the Haka and a “Moana themed dance”! I’m an alumni who left to Rome in 2018 and this Nations Festival was definitely one to remember!


How I stay active when studying and working from home?








Show us your study area at home

Marco Matteo Vedsted, Grade 2
Ana Clara Teixeira, Kinder
Bianca Poppius, Grade 3
Ms. Michelle Ray
Maria Eduarda dos Reis, Grade 1


Teacher appreciation


Show us your creativity and artistic talent


Mirella Riguini, Biology Teacher


Share with us an inspirational quote or phrase

Kieran de Groote,

High School Principal

Mary Caetana Aune,

Moral Education Teacher

Vanessa Rizzone, 


How is your distance learning experience?

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