Moral Education + Service

Beginning in Nursery and continuing through 12th grade, our Moral Education & Global Citizenship Programs offer young people the opportunity to develop moral capabilities and leadership skills, thereby enabling them to make unique contributions toward a more integrated and sustainable society.


Habits of the Heart teaches students to apply values and virtues and to practice caring for and serving others. Our educational programs integrate character education, academics, art and peacemaking skills to serve the global human family. Children work daily with the habits, or values and virtues. Teachers remind them of the habit of the month and connect learning to it. By the end of the school year, children have experienced and learned ten habits of the heart. Parents become involved by taking part in Virtues Workshops and, together, understand the meaning and relevance of the virtue students are studying.

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Virtues for Life teaches children how to apply moral values in their personal and community lives and empowers them to use academics and the arts in community service projects. The program is designed to help students embrace their role as active contributors to healthy relationships, sustainable living, and peaceful communities. Integrating academics, the arts and conflict resolution skills culminates in community service projects.

Junior Youth Program aims to create the moral structures that underlie the decisions and guide the actions of young people in Grades 6 through 8 as they mature into young adults and become active members of society. In addition to in-class study and discussions, students learn to consult with one another to decide and collaborate on service initiatives. Developing consultation and team decision-making skills enables students to plan their community service projects, which are at the heart of the program and serve as a concrete expression of what is possible when ideals are transformed into action.

Taking Moral Initiative fosters students’ understanding of their role in building a peaceful, just, and sustainable global civilization. Through invigorating study, discussion and community service, TMI engages students in developing healthy attitudes, conscientious habits, moral abilities, leadership skills, and spiritual qualities–humility and empathy–to bring about both personal and social change. Students collaborate to create meaningful service initiatives. Through consultation, collaboration, planning, action, and reflection, students implement their ideas.

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