Guitar Lessons

High School

The method is based on perception, theory and musical practice, connected with a repertoire. Students in different levels can work integrated. For this activity, the student need the following materials:

  1. 6-string guitar, regular size (any brand) with nylon strings

  2. Case (any brand)

  3. Reed (any brand)

  4. Set of nylon strings, medium tension (any brand)

Guitar  – Grades 4 to 12 - Fridays from 3:15 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Grades 9 to 12

Basketball classes aim to develop physical and technical skills and help students learn the tactics of the sport. Basketball is practiced in both playful and competitive environments, in games and in championships.

Uniform: Cougars shirt, Shorts, socks and appropriate shoes (shirts may be purchased at the PE department on the main campus)

Basketball School Teams – Boys and Girls. – Grades 9 to 12 – Monday  and Wednesday 5h15 p.m. to 6h30 p.m.


Grades 9 to 12

Soccer helps students develop motor skills through playful and competitive activities, healthy integration of participants, and improvement in the quality of life. The level of competitiveness varies according to age.

Uniforms: Cougars shorts and shirt, navy blue soccer socks, indoor/turf soccer cleats (shirts and shorts may be purchased at the PE department on the main campus)

Girls Soccer ST – do 9º ao 12º - Monday  and Wednesday 5h15 p.m. to 6h30 p.m.

Boys Soccer ST  – do 9º ao 12º – Tuesday and Thursday 5h15 p.m. to 6h30 p.m.

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