Cooking Lessons

Kinder and Grade 1

Students will be able to taste and work with different ingredients. They have fun while learning about weight and proportion.

Cooking - Kinder and Grade 1 - Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:20 p.m


Pre Kinder, Kinder and Grade 1

Soccer helps students develop motor skills through playful and competitive activities, healthy integration of participants, and improvement in the quality of life. The level of competitiveness varies according to age.

Uniforms: Cougars shorts and shirt, navy blue soccer socks, indoor/turf soccer cleats (shirts and shorts may be purchased at the PE department on the main campus)

Baby Soccer - Pre-Kinder - Tuesday and Thursday 3h30 to 4h20

Soccer 1 –Kinder - Tuesday and Thursday 3h30 to 4h20

Soccer 2 – Grade 1 -  Monday  and Wednesday 3h30 to 4h20


Nursery 2 and 3

Focusing on psychomotricity, Playart promotes motor, affective and intellectual development within a framework of fun and healthy activities that help the child develop physically and psychologically.

Playart - Nursery 2 e Nursery 3 – Monday  and Wednesday 3h30 to 4h20


Nursery, Kinder and Pre Kinder

Ballet classes aim to develop the body and its potential, both in terms of motor coordination and the construction of knowledge. Ballet helps develop expressiveness, spontaneity, culture, artistic abilities, creativity, fantasy, and respect for individuality. In addition to working various muscle groups and improving posture, the student exercises quick thinking, agility, concentration, musicality, and body harmony through movement.

Uniform: Pink leotard, skirt, tights and pink ballet shoes, net, pins and hair elastic - please send hair brush (Can be found in any specialty store)

Baby Balé: Pre-Kinder - sextas-feiras, das 15:30 às 16:20

Balé 1: Kinder - terças e quintas-feiras, das 15:30 às 16:20

Balé 2: 1º Ano - segundas e quartas-feiras, das 15:30 às 16:20


PreKinder, Kinder, Grade 1

In Judo, the principle of maximum efficiency is applied to the improvement or perfection of mind and body in the science of attack and defense. It helps develop order and harmony.

Uniform: Pink or blue Kimono (Can be found in any specialty store)

Baby Judo - PreKinder - Friday 3h30 to 4h20

Judo 1 – Kinder – Monday  and Wednesday 3h30 to 4h20

Judô 2 – Grade 1 – Tuesday and Thursday 3h30  to 4h20

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