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Main Campus

SHIS QI 21 Área Especial Conjunto C1

Brasília, DF, Brazil | 71655600

Telephones: +55 61 33661800

Early Childhood Campus

SMDB Conjunto 19 Chácara 02

Brasília, DF, Brazil | 71619970

Telephones: +55 61 33662947

Festival of Lights is one of our most beautiful events and a tradition at School of the Nations. This Festival celebrates the diversity of religions and encourages students to learn more about religions, the universal spiritual principles of each, and their values. The...

On Saturday, October 29, the Elementary School math team organized a Math Invasion Day, which included a series of engaging activities connecting math skills to arts, sports and sales with numerous activities such as chess, math in the arts, math in sports, and digital...

On Saturday, October 22, our School Nutritionist, Ms. Cristiane Ribeiro, and her team shared some of their knowledge with students in Elementary. They learned about the 5 senses: sight (ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception), taste (gustaoception), smell (olfacocept...

During the first week of September, our library team at the main campus prepared Sign language classes for elementary students. Good communication can help break down barriers—learning a new language allows us to learn about other cultures, countries and, in this case,...

Meet and greet who our fourth graders consider some of the world’s most influential people! On June 8, students took on the role of an important historical figure and presented them in a project called “The Living Museum.”

Grade 4 students read books and search the web...


“...Today, all horizons of the world are illuminated with the light of unity ...we were created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization..."


Every year, we set aside one night to gather in communion and appreciation of all religions. We sing, dance and pray tog...

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